Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Lord, What Do You Want Me to Do Right Now?

According to the Bible, the normal Christian life is a radical one of extreme and wholehearted commitment to Jesus as Lord. It is about using 24 hours of every day to do the will of God to the best of our ability, and then doing the same the next day, and so on.

In 2 Corinthians 5:15, for example, the apostle Paul states: 
“And He [Jesus] died for everyone, so that those who live might no longer live for themselves but for the One who died and rose for them.” 
The vast majority of people channel all or almost all of their energy into living for themselves and their families. In this verse Paul doesn’t just say that Christians should put some effort into living for Jesus as well as living for ourselves. He says that we should live for Jesus instead of living for ourselves! This is totally radical.

A simple habit

As we seek to live our lives for Christ, there is a simple habit that I think it is useful to try to get into. This is to frequently ask Him, “Lord, what do you want me to do right now?” and then to listen for His response to the best of our ability.

Most of us probably find that in many little ways each day we can unconsciously drift away from doing the will of God. For example, it is very easy to stay chatting to someone longer than we should. Or we might put off till tomorrow a small task that we should do today, without really thinking matters through.

I find that if I stop to ask the Lord what He wants me to do at that point in time, things often come back into focus and any drifting ceases.

When I ask God this, I usually take just a few seconds over it. But sometimes I spend a little longer and pray in this sort of way: 
“Lord, this is where I have reached in the course of living my life today. All my previous decisions in the last few hours have brought me to this point. I’m sorry for the bits and pieces that I’ve got wrong during that time. But I want to do Your will better from this point on. So where do you want me to go from here? What do you actually want me to do right now? What is Your absolute highest will for my life at this point in time? Show me and cause me to do it.” 
I find prayers like this to be very useful in helping me to walk in the will of God.

I am not saying that asking the Lord what He wants me to do next means that I always know the answer. Far from it. Life in this world, even for devout Christians, contains far too many uncertainties for that. But I do find that if I stop to ask God what He wants me to do at that point in the day, some small thing that I am getting wrong often comes into view and then I can make an adjustment.

Consider doing the same

Because I find this a helpful practice, I would like to encourage Christians who read this article to consider doing likewise. I would be surprised if you don’t soon find that it is good habit to get into.

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