Sharing posts on this blog

If you would like to share any of my posts with others, this can be done using the icons at the foot of the posts. You are also welcome to take any of the posts on this blog to share with others or to post on your website, blog etc.  

If you do post something I have written for others to read, please attach my name and keep the article unaltered, except for Americanising the English spellings if necessary.  

At the foot of many of the posts are links to other posts on the blog.  If you would like to omit these links when using a post I have written, you are welcome to do that.

Some of the posts also have images at the top. You are welcome to omit these too when using a post I have written, if you would prefer.

Translations of Scripture are always my own unless otherwise indicated, so you don't need to have any concerns about copyright when using one of my posts.